Extended abstracts, up to four pages, should be written in English (the official language of GSC2018), and related to Congress’s main themes:

  • Scientific, technical and economic challenges to the natural stone industry: opportunities for research into sustainable development.
  • Innovation in geological research, quarrying, processing, design and manufacturing technologies: new inputs and product creation.
  • Transportation logistics, communications technologies and trade routes: supply management, tracking systems, controlled delivery.
  • Local and global competitiveness.
  • Stone testing and standardization. Evaluation of current methodology and new test propositions. Comparison between technological characteristics of natural and artificial stones.
  • Surface treatments and testing. Durability of natural materials in diverse environments and regions.
  • The life cycle of natural stone products and management of the circular economy.
  • Management and use of residues, waste and effluents from the exploitation and processing of stone materials.
  • Land-use planning, impact mitigation and quarry rehabilitation. Health, safety, environmental and social responsibility.
  • Criteria for architectural specification and projects, certification, green building. Sustainable architecture.
  • Historical and contemporary uses of stone in the building industry. Stone in world heritage. Middle-East and the Arabian influence on Lusophone architectonic style.
  • Stone conservation. Characterization of weathering features; testing of restoration products; durability tests.