As the World of Stone encompasses many specialties, the technical program of the GSC2018 will focus on a central topic each day.

Friday, April 27: ARCHITECTURE

Historical and contemporary uses of stone in the building industry. Stone in World Heritage. Middle East and the Arabian influence on European and Latin-American architectonic style. Rehabilitation and provenance of ornamental stones in historical monuments. Technological characterization, testing methods and standardization. Weathering features, conservation and restoration; durability and efficacy of treatments. Agglomerated and artificial stones. Criteria for architectural specification and projects, stone facades dimensioning and performance, innovative techniques and products. Sustainable architecture, life-cycle, BIM, certification, future trends.

Saturday, April 28: TECHNOLOGY

Innovation in geological research, quarrying, processing, design and manufacturing technologies: new inputs and product creation. Transportation logistics, communication technologies and trade routes: supply management, tracking systems, controlled delivery. Local and global competitiveness. Industry4.0: robotics, smart products, connected minds and innovative business models, advanced automation and connectivity. Efficiency along the whole productive chain. IT innovation for human-machine interaction: wireless, RFID, integrated systems.

Sunday, April 29: SUSTAINABILITY

Scientific, technical and economic challenges to the natural stone industry: opportunities for research into sustainable development. The life cycle of natural stone products and management of the circular economy. Management and use of residues, waste and effluents from the exploitation and processing of stone materials. Land-use planning and safeguarding of ornamental stone’s deposits, impact mitigation and quarry rehabilitation. Health, safety, environmental and social responsibility. Local production and world trade.


Morning workshops will promote debate on current challenges and include expert presentations.

Industry 4.0 in the World of Stone: The current trends in automation and data-exchange in stones manufacturing and turning waste materials into profitable products.

Upmarket in the World of Stone: The intrinsic value of stones, adding value, creating luxury, and connecting minds in the world of gems.