Bachelor of Science of Power Electrical Engineering.Master of Science of Electrical Control Engineering, with the thesis titled: “Fault tolerant controller design using intelligent systems for actuator”.PhD student in Business Administration and Management. Member of the Iranian elite community (Scientific Committee) since 2010; Member of the Engineering Organization of Iran since 2010; Member of education commission of Iran Stone Association; Member of promotion technology commission of Iran Stone Association; Member of the council policy making of Stone Industry of Iran. Scientific Activities: Patent of a new formula of filling materials for travertine stone’s hole in 2009. Acceptance of two scientific articles in electrical control engineering (fuzzy logic) in (Jowett) Journal of World’s Electrical Engineering and Technology (December 2014). Compilation of simple learning of MATLAB programming language in electrical control engineering book (2014).


3rd generation at this industry. Student of DBA (Doctor of Business Administration). Deputy of Economy and Export Development Commission of lran Stone Association. Executive team of lS.l.M (ltalian Marble Institute) in lran. Member of the Board and Chief Marketing Officer in Pasargad Stone.


PhD in Geology (Mineralogy and Petrology). Since 1990 he has been working professionally at RISE – Research Institutes of Sweden. Senior researcher at RISE, where he is responsible for the technical and scientific management of natural stones. President of IAEG/C10 – Building stones and ornamental rocks, since 2007. Chairman of IUGS Commission on Geoheritage and Subcommittee on Heritage Stones. Coordinator of the Swedish standardization committee TK508 on natural stones. Specialist and Swedish representative at CEN/TC 246 – natural stones and in CEN/TC178/WG2 – natural stone products. Co-editor of the Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment. Co-editor of the Geological Society of London – Special Publication on Heritage Stones, vol. 1 and 2.


Cesare Ferrari was born in 1947 in Carrara, the World capital of the marble, which his family was part. Graduated in Architecture at Polytechnic University of Turin in 1974, immediately began his professional activity, divided between the role of Architect and of Urbanist: in urban planning, infrastructural works and as public/private buildings architect, designer of the stone materials objects, respecting the environment, and as a researcher. His knowledge and experience allowed him to work all over the World as consultant, designer, entrepreneur and lecturer, always with the intent of giving importance to the use of stone materials in architecture.


Geologist of the British Geological Survey, specialist in stones and industrial minerals and in the Middle East market of dimension stones. Clive Mitchell has developed projects in Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Gambia, Ghana, Ireland, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and Zambia. Expert communicator, with many international conferences. Member of the British Standardization Committee for technological characterization tests and member of the London Geological Society.


Civil Engineer of Tishreen University, Syrian Arab Republic. Since 1993, specialist in Managing and Constructing Engineering Projects. Firas Aljedi is an expert in stone field and worked as director and consultant for many companies in Syria and Saudi Arabia, developing stone quarries, worked with big Italian companies to develop granite and marble processing machines, and working with German company to produce useful products from wastage and harmful elements brought from Marble & Granite Factories.


Mining Engineer by the Polytechnic University of Madrid, and Senior Executive by the Manchester Business School. Director of the Technological Center for Marble, Stone and Materials since 1996, and General Secretary of the Association of Marble and Stone Entrepreneurs of the Region of Murcia, since 1997.Member of the Board of Directors and technical representative in the fields of standardization and certification of the Spanish Natural Stone Federation – FDP.  Advisor to the European Natural Stone Federation – EUROROC and member of the Raw Material Supply Group of the non-energy extractive industry of the European Union. He has worked as a consultant and advisor in several other instances, member and director of working groups of European Standardization Committees; and was director of the specialization courses in Natural Stones of the University of Cartagena.


Born September 29, 1945, Portuguese. Graduated in Geology by University of Coimbra, in 1967. “Especialista” in Engineering by Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil (LNEC), in 1976, and Principal Research Officer of LNEC, in 1985. Member of the Editorial Boards of the scientific journals: Journal of Cultural Heritage; Materiales de Construcción; International Journal of Architectural Heritage: Conservation, Analysis, and Restoration; Soils and Rocks; Geotecnia. Author or co-author of about 170 LNEC internal reports. Author or co-author of about 200 papers presented to congresses and symposia or publisched in scientific national and international reviews. Co-ordinator of the EU project GRANITIX and LNEC leading scientist of other EU projects: LAMA, HARDROCK, ONSITE, MCDUR, COMPASS, LABSTECH, PRODOMEA, EU-ARTECH. Fellow of the ISRM. Getty Scholar in 2017.


Architect graduated from the School of Architecture, Urbanism and Design of the National University of Cordoba (FAUD – UNC, Argentina). Specialization in Territorial Development by the University of Villa María (Córdoba, Argentina). Short courses “Pedagogical Training for Adjunct Teachers”, “The Criticism as Teaching of the Project” and “Thinking in Articulation”, at FAUD-UNC. Responsible for the Program “Promotion of the Use of Natural Stone in Construction” and for the “Stone used in buildings and urban sites” project, of the Department of Evaluation and Mining Projects, Secretariat of Mining of the Province of Cordoba. Responsible for the “PROPETRA” Technological Extension Project; coordinator and lecturer in training courses for stonemasons in several municipalities. Coordinator of the “PRO.Ar” Program for the Promotion of the Argentine Natural Stones “, with activities of promotion and training. Undersecretary of Mining Development of the Mining Secretariat of the Nation.


Full Professor at the university of Salamanca (USAL). BSc (USAL), MSc (University of Portsmouth, UK) and PhD in Geology from the USAL (1992). Two years of Postdoctoral research at McMaster University (Hamilton, ON, Canada). Regional Director of the Association of Iberoamerican Universities for Postgrade Studies (AUIP). Research lines: petrology and geochemistry of igneous and metamorphic rocks. Characterization of natural stones for their use in construction and restoration. Geoheritage and Heritage Stones. Secretary General of the IUGS Heritage Stones Subcommission. Member of the IUGS Publications Committee. Member of the Books Editorial Committee of the Geological Society of London.


Mining engineer, received the PhD degree in Geoengineering from the University of Cagliari (Italy) in 1999. Since 2002 he has been assistant professor at University of Cagliari. He teaches the courses “Surface Mining” and “Drilling Techniques”. He has published more than 70 scientific papers. His current research topics are focussed on Dimension Stone sector. Dr Careddu is member of the scientific committee of Global Stone Congress and the Heritage Stone Task Group (entity both of the International Union of Geological Sciences and the Building Stones and Ornamental Rocks Commission of the International Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment). He’s currently chief of the project “Reduction of marble waste landfills through the enhancement of CaCO3”, supported by Sardinia Regional Government.


Civil Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Naples specialized in Stone Structural Design, Paolo Marone is an international stones expert, with more than 30 years of experience in stones quarrying, processing, installation and conservation and stones wastes recycling. President of the International Marble Institute of Italy – IS. I.M (Istituto Internazionale del Marmo founded by CONFINDUSTRIA MARMOMACCHINE, Italy). He has assessed and developed consultancy of training, quarries opening, factories realizations and natural stone architectural projects in more than 50 countries.


Currently, professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Técnico, one of the engineering faculties of the University of Lisbon. He has been working with the natural stone industrial field since 1996. During this period, he has participated and led some of the main R&D projects, both at national and international scale. In 2001, he was one of the co-founders of Front Wave, a stone technology company that has transformed innovative ideas into industrial innovation (examples of STORK and STONESCAN, products that have begun their global marketing in 2017). Pedro Amaral has more than 70 scientific papers related to Materials Engineering, Stone Technology and Advanced Testing and Characterization of Materials and Products. He is currently leading a series of projects linked to new challenges in the stone industry, from applying BIM principles to processing through intelligent manufacturing technologies using robots. Current activities are clearly directed to put the stone in a leadership role for the challenges of this new industrial era (industry 4.0).


34 years consultancy Dimension Stones sector. Activities carried out in 60 countries, 5 continents.  Director of marble quarry “Gioia Piastrone”, Massa (Italy) 1993-2001, and of granite quarry (Kajado, Kenia, 1995-2004). 1996-2001:  Managing Director of self-owned PRISMA s.r.l. (Stone import-export and trading + specialized services private company). Teaching as sigments in 6 Ital. Univers. Genova (’95-’96), Torino (’96-’98), Parma (’00-’01), Siena (’01-’04), Bergamo (’05-’10), Milano (’10-’14). Editorial activity: 9 Volumes + 10 Treatises, including the Lexicon “Il PRIMAVORI”. 157 Papers on specialized magazines. 140 Lectures+seminars (Italy and overseas).Member of the UNI Commission UNI/CT 033/GL 20 (former Commission UNI/U870305) (“Stone Floors and Claddings”).Member of the Technical-Scientific Committee of the magazines: MARMOMACCHINE MAGAZINE; L’INFORMATORE DEL MARMISTA; DIAMANTE. Vice-Chair (responsible for Europe) in the executive Board of the HSS (Heritage Stone Subcommission).


Architect and Urbanist by FAU -S. Souza (1979 – RJ), with its own office, established in Cachoeiro de Itapemirim – ES – since 1982, where it operates until today. Administrator (1992) specialist and consultant on Ornamental Stones, since he learned and grew up with a sector that was practically beginning, in the city that is the largest producer of Marble and Granites of the Country. He has a recognized work of utilization of tailings of rocks architecture, and its use in public roads, all material coming from the remains of the industrial processing of marble and granite.


Architect, professor at the Architecture and Urbanism Course of the Federal University of Pernambuco, UFPE, Brazil. Master in Urban Development and PhD in Geosciences by the UFPE, with research on the Use of Natural Stones in Architecture. Author of residential, single-family, multi-family and institutional projects; idealizer and coordinator of the Project Learning at the Construction Site, by a technical agreement and partnership between the UFPE and the Association of Companies of the Real Estate Market of Pernambuco, Ademi-PE, since 1999. Creator and teacher of the 1st subject on the Uses of Natural Stones in a Brazilian Architecture Course, started in 2013 at UFPE. Member of the Federal Council of Engineering, Architecture and Agronomy for Pernambuco, CONFEA-CREA-PE (2009-2011); State Councilor and member of the Education and Training Commission of the Architecture and Urbanism Council of the State of Pernambuco, CAU / PE (2012-2014); member of the Federal Council of Architecture and Urbanism of Brazil by Pernambuco, CAU / BR (2015 to 2017). Board member of the Brazilian Association of Architecture and Urbanism Education, ABEA (2018-2020).


Geologist in Geological Survey of Finland (GTK). Most of the 24 years career has been with dimension stones, current task since the beginning of 2016is a Head of Unit, Industrial Minerals. Special interest is a practical research work with close contact to industries. Developing projects include exploration of new potential regions and deposits and detailed quality assessments for production. The focus has largely been in soapstone, black stones, granites and metamorphic flag stones. In addition to geological research work, also a long-term experience of environment regulations and permit applications. Most important results have been numerous new deposits and followed investments for four new stone quarries and processing plants. Current studies deal a resource efficient quarry production, a local stone concept and development of public procurement for dimension stones. Education: University of Oulu, geology and mineralogy; Master of Science, 1993; PhD student, since 2007.