Known as Bahia’s, City of Romance, Ilheus was founded by Portuguese settlers in 1534. Located between the Atlantic forest and ocean, a 100km of white sand beaches lie within the municipality, which has an average annual temperature of 24° C (75 F).

Cocoa plantations brought prosperity to Ilheus, influencing the architecture and the spirit of the city’s historic downtown. This is a place to eat chocolate and drink coffee. There is a municipal theatre and a famous cabaret show. Bars and restaurants offer regional specialties. Parties can go on long into the night.

Fame has also been bestowed on Ilheus thanks to the internationally acclaimed writer, Jorge Amado, who helped turn it into a prominent destination on the map of Bahia and Brazil. It is a port of call for many of the luxury foreign cruise ships that voyage up and down the South American coastline. Local beach resorts are well equipped, there is good wifi access. Easy access to international flight connections in Salvador, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro extend the range of travel options.

For further information, visit the website: http://turismo.ilheus.ba.gov.br/